Faith Lutheran Church
Saturday, January 23, 2021
Cedarburg, WI

Other Ways to Donate

To learn how to donate to Faith by shopping at Amazon click here:
Sendik's SCRIP Gift Card Program
Did you know that you can support the ministries of Faith Lutheran Church when you shop at any local area Sendik's Food Market? When you purchase a Sendik's gift card, 5% of the value of the card is given to Faith Lutheran Church.
Gift cards can be made in any amount about $25.00.
To obtain a Sendik's gift card:
1. Make check payable to Faith Lutheran Church. Write "Sendik's Gift Card" on the memo line.
2. Put the check in an envelope. Place it either in the Sendik's box in the narthex or give it to Judy Gronbach in the church office.
3. Judy Gronbach will give you the gift card within one to two weeks.
Thank you for supporting Faith Lutheran Church!